Country Bird website belongs to DDSOL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. We set out to be a company that ensures a 'quality final product' with the hope of creating an experience for every customer. Just like every other beginning, ours was small too. Our persistence overshadowed the minimal resources we started off with and today, fortunately, we have grown substantially. With an untiring attitude towards a bigger goal, we intend to set new trends, creating new style statements, at revolutionary prices yet never compromising on the quality of our products.

Inspired by the English and their stiff-upper-lipped attitude, we knew we wanted our shirts to be of a certain caliber, with one aspect remaining common throughout - the collar. Whether it be a button-down collar or a mandarin collar, the collar defines the shirt and the shirt defines the man. Isn't it? We decided to go further and refine what defines a man. We want to give ourselves a straightforward name that is related to our mission, and nothing could be more fitting than 'Country Bird'.

With our wide selection of men's fashion styles and bespoke tailored pieces to choose from, we make sure that our customers can find the right clothing items to wear for their needs.

In addition, we offer a range of men's accessories to add style to their wardrobe, whatever your style needs. We are proud that we keep up-to-date with current trends as well as existing brands so that we can offer you items suitable for everyday wear but still make great artistry.